Boomstick & Rezidu
These are samples from the bands Boomstick and Rezidu.


Boomstick & Rezidu
Richard Cruz Jr. Guitar & Vocals
Chris Kendall Guitar & Vocals

Brian McGuire Bass & Vocals
Maki Ushiroyama Guitar
Kevin Bell Guitar
(rezidu 2005)

Eddie Matsueda
(Boomstick & Rezidu)
Don Lance Lafure (recording sessions)
Kyle Hinkle
(recording sessions)
Yogi Hendlin

from the Boomstick CD
No Turbulence
Far Away


from the Pilsbury Death Squad EP
Sam I Am (single version)
Latex Love Song

from the Rezidu CD

from the Stick A Fork In Us CD
The Abduction Song(Live)

Unreleased studio recording
Glitter In My Gruel

A brief history of the band

Richard, Chris, Maki & Eddie all attended the same art school. The band formed after graduation. Brian came through a mutual friend and the original line-up was born.

This line-up recorded the only Boomstick album at Cerebral Records Studios in Carlsbad CA. The entire thing was recorded and mixed all in the same day.

Eddie left the band shortly after but would sit in when he could. Maki also left as he moved away from San Diego. The band changed the name to Rezidu. They continued to write and record with drummers Don and Kyle who never joined the band officially.

Rezidu released two self produced CD's. The Pilsbury Death Squad EP and Rezidu. The band needed to have a permanant drummer for live gigs. Teenage drummer Yogi joined and the band played all over the San Diego club scene including shows at Brick By Brick, The BLVD, The Belly Up Tavern and many others.

As Yogi got closer to his freshman year in college, Richard & Chris decided to pursue a new direction and follow their love of the blues. The Final Rezidu CD was a live album recorded a couple of days before the final show. Stick A Fork In Us featured new songs that had not been recorded in the studio as well as some old songs from the old Boomstick live set.

Rezidu played their last show at The Blvd in El Cajon CA in Dec 1998. Chris & Richard went on to form The Downside which later became Wolftrane.
Brian formed an industrial band.

In January 2005, Eddie, Richard and Brian have reformed Rezidu. Six years apart and playing in different bands has strengthened each musician's abilities.

Richard and Brian played an acoustic show as Rezidu at the Hot Java Cafe in San Diego. The response was great and Mike Hilding, of the band Sugarglider, has requested Rezidu reform in full to open some shows for them.

Unfortunately guitarist, Chris Kendall, is no longer living in San Diego. The band is joined by guitarist/drummer Kevin Bell, who hails from Yakima Washington. So the new line-up of Richard, Kevin, Eddie and Brian will debut at The Jumping Turtle in San Marcos CA on Nov 17th.
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