by Richard Cruz Jr.

Here are some archives from by previous bands, solo recordings and acoustic cover projects.

Wolftrane is my current band of original blues rock music. We've been going by the name Wolftrane since 2003. The orginal band name was The Downside when we formed in Nov 1998. Last count, there were two different punk kid bands using that name, so we changed it even though we had gone by the name for over 5 years.

Acoustic Covers
I currently have two acoustic projects. One is called CRUZN. Guitarist Josh Vittek, from Wolftrane is my partner in this project. We cover songs from the 50's-90's.

The other acoustic project is not named. It features guitarist and vocalist Mike Hilding. So far we are covering The Beatles, Radiohead, The Church, U2 and other songs that require a two part vocal harmony.

Rezidu & Boomstick
These are essentially the same band, with various drummers. I think it is funny that some of the most popular pop-wannabe-punk-rock that is currently popular was what we were doing back in 1995.

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